The Dornoch Court House was designed by Thomas Brown (1806-1872) in the Scottish Victorian renaissance style and was commissioned on February 7th, 1849 for an estimated cost of £2,427. For over 160 years it served as the socio-economic centre of the town, but was closed in 2013. We purchased the building in an effort to preserve local history, enhance the visitor’s experience and to serve as a catalyst for economic progress. The building has been renamed in honour of Andrew Carnegie and his wife Louise in recognition of their contributions to Dornoch and the surrounding area.

The Dornoch Courthouse has been renovated into a vibrant retail centre, housing several tourism oriented businesses and has been renamed The Carnegie Courthouse. The proprietors, purchased the Courthouse in 2015 and have created an exciting development housing, a new Dornoch Visitors Centre, The Carnegie Whisky Cellars and The Carnegie Tea Room and Deli which will be located in the former first floor court room. The Courthouse also welcomes Aspen Spa of Tain who have expanded into Dornoch with the opening of Aspen Spa at Carnegie Courthouse. The bespoke interiors include memorabilia from Andrew Carnegie’s contributions and relationship with the Dornoch parish. Finally, the rear grounds of the Carnegie Courthouse have been improved and landscaped public green space has been created.

  1. The Carnegie Whisky Cellars stock a fine array of single malt whiskies and Scottish Gin
  2. The Carnegie Tea Room and Deli is a comfortable in-seating tea room space and coffee bar as well as a bespoke deli serving a wide array of Highland sourced specialty products
  3. Aspen Spa are delighted to bring a unique boutique spa and beauty experience offering a range of high quality treatments and luxurious beauty, health and spa products for retail
  4. The Dornoch Visitors Centre serves as a “community hub” where residents and visiting tourists can find easily information regarding activities and opportunities in and around Dornoch